Thursday, February 02, 2012

Greatest euchre player ever - Perry Romanowski

It has been some time since I've posted here. I still play euchre and am currently in a league at a bar near my house called Lotties. It is great fun. The players are all interesting, nice, and provide an excellent audience.

I, Perry Romanowski, must confess that I didn't always think euchre was the greatest game. As any player has ever discovered, there is a lot of luck. You could be the greatest euchre player in the world and still lose to opponents who are dealt a lay down loner. As a card player, I always found this a little frustrating.

But to be the greatest euchre player in the world you need to get past the feelings of frustration caused by a loss. Whether you win or lose is highly influenced by luck. That is why your standards for whether you played well should not be tied to the outcome. But rather they should be tied to how well you played the game.

Wins and losses happen. But the greatest euchre players in the world do not let this affect how they feel about their performance. If you played the game perfectly, then that is your victory.