Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Euchre Gambitry Articles

Sometimes playing the game flawlessly using the euchre techniques found at the Euchre Universe will not be enough to win. Here is a list of entries that discuss some of the trickier ways to get more points.

Euchre Gambitry
Ethics of euchre - Are there any?
A Beer and Euchre Brew – Winning with beer
Slow down, you move too fast – How to discard
Mind control – Controlling your opponents
Some shifty plays – How people cheat at euchre
Dirty deals and deceptions – How people cheat at euchre part 2
Using readers – Looking for natural marks on cards
Stealin' stealin' pretty momma don't you tell on me – Stealing the deal
Be quick about it – How to prevent a lone call
Laying down and cutting – How to prevent a cheater

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