Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stealin' stealin' pretty momma don't you tell on me

Euchre QOD: “No one cheats in euchre.”

Euchre Haiku:
On your turn to deal
Gather the cards and shuffle
Then your foes can not.

Euchre Palaver
“Steal the deal” – this is a legitimate method of cheating in euchre where you gather up the cards and begin dealing when it is not your turn to do so. Against drunk and sober folks alike this trick is pretty easy to pull off. The advantage you get as the dealing team is huge so it is a powerful ploy. According to euchre rules once the deal is complete (trump card is turned up) it is a legal deal and you’ve successfully stolen the deal.

League Night
Well, the playoffs started and things are looking up for my partner and me. The first round we played the 23rd ranked team. A nice couple of twentysomethings originally from Iowa. She is some kind of Marketing person and he is a banker consultant. They played a decent game of euchre and in both games started with 4 or 5 point leads. In our first game, the guy ordered the first three hands in a row. He made the first, got a loner on the second and made the third. When he tried to stretch to 4 in a row, we euchred them. He ordered his partner with only the Right. I led trump at trick number 1 and stripped him. We had the off-Aces and cashed ‘em. It got us back in.

Later in the game I made a loner (Right, Ten, Nine, off A-10), and my partner had a lay down winner when we were ahead 9-7. Game two went similarly. They had a four point lead, we scored a loner, set them and we won it when we were dealing with 9 points and I was dealt Left, Ace, King. We won 2 games to none, and moved to the next round.

The second match was against two hotties. They had squeaked out a victory against a team I don’t like much. I was glad to play them. For this match I decided to pull out the chicken and tap it each time before I looked at my hands. The hotties were amused and distracted such that our aggressive play was enough to sink them 2 games to none.

Overall, we got pretty good cards but we made some great plays. On at least 3 occasions we marched when we easily could’ve lost a trick. I’m feeling good. More next week.

Euchre on the Web
I just looked at the site www.euchre.com and was appalled!! This is a terrible site that has next to nothing about euchre. They have poker strategies for god’s sake! I wonder how we might get that domain from them and turn it into a proper tribute to the game.

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