Thursday, March 02, 2006

Assisting your partner

Euchre QOD:  “Bower power”

Euchre Haiku:
Seat two has power
The weak hands are much stronger
Bid often win more

Euchre Palaver
“Assist” – To order up your partner when she is the dealer; ordering from seat 2 (the power seat).

Savvy Strategies
Of all the seats at the euchre table, the second seat is my favorite.  That is the seat who happens to be the dealer’s partner.  When you are sitting here even terrible euchre hands start to look better.  Follow these ordering tips to make the most of the power seat.

1.  Never order up with 1 trump.  We start with this tip because sometimes the point system will suggest ordering it up even if you have only 1 trump.  Don’t do it because it is a losing play.
2.  Don’t order it up when your team is “in the pasture” and the up-card is a Bower.  You don’t want to spoil your partner’s chance at making a loner to win the game do you?  Well, then don’t.  A 4 point win at this time in the game is much more valuable than the 1 or 2 points you could achieve by ordering it up.
3.  Order it up when you have 11 card points.  So, hands in which you have the 9 and 10 of trump with an off-Ace should be ordered.  If you have the Ace and 9 of trump with an off-King you should order it up.  And any hand where you have either bower with another trump, you should order.  Aggressive euchre is winning euchre.
4.  Go alone when you have 4 trump.  If your partner is taking one trump down and you have 4 that means there are only 2 unaccounted for.  Odds are pretty good that they are both buried (in partner’s hand or the kitty) or that the opponents only have 1.  

5.  Go alone when you have 23 points.  Again, your partner is taking one trump down and you’ve got at least 3 headed by the right bower.  This is a loner call if ever there was one.  Unless you have 8 points of course, then you should bring partner along.

The second seat is the most fun one to play.  If you are not ordering up too often, then you’re just not playing it right.

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