Friday, March 03, 2006

What to call the cards

Euchre QOD: “Seriousness betrays sureness”

Euchre Haiku:
Sometimes the cards suck
So keep your attitude sharp
Winning requires it

Euchre Palaver:
“Bullet” – an Ace. The Ace of Spades is sometimes called the “Shield”
“Cowboy” – a King
“Lady” – a Queen
“Hook” – a Jack. Also called a “Farmer”
“Dix” – a Nine
“Sick Dog” – A low, non-trump card

Savvy Strategies
One of the most challenging aspects of euchre is the fact that inferior players will inevitably beat you on occasion. As they said in the great pool movie, The Color of Money, "The balls roll funny for eveyone." In this case, it's cards instead of balls. When you get those crappy cards time and time again, fret not. Luck will return to you at some point. Begin thinking in terms of playing the best euchre that you can with the cards you are dealt. Some hands, many hands, are losers. All you will be able to do is follow suit and watch everyone else sweep the cards. But if you focus on staying sharp and playing the cards as best as they can be played, victory is within your control. The victory then is not in winning tricks but in playing great euchre. Sometimes, this is all we get.

Euchre on the Web:
Check out this free euchre program from Euchre It’s pretty good but a little crude. I like the ‘advice’ button.

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