Monday, February 06, 2006


Euchre QOD: A nine of trump is better than an off Ace.

Monday is league night. Hopefully, we’ll pound down our opponents like I know we should. But I have found that (especially in euchre) you really have to be lucky. Even the worst players in the world can be the best if they get the good cards. It looks like we’ve slipped to 10th place. That’s ok we can’t expect to win every match. Luck is fickle. We must focus on perfect euchre play and then hope for the best.

Euchre lingo:

  1. “In the barn” - this means a team has 9 points and only needs one more to win.
  2. “In the corral” – a team has 8 points and only needs two more to win.
  3. “In the pasture” – a team has 6 or 7 points and could win with a loner.
  4. “In the forest” – a team has 5 or less points and can’t win on any given turn.

Of course, many other people have come out with their own euchre lingo. This is just how we say it in Chicago.

Tomorrow, I’ll let you know how we fair this evening and we’ll get back to talking strategy.

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