Friday, February 03, 2006

More about your seat

Euchre QOD: Always have change for a twenty.

You might be wondering why there should be a “seat adjustment” to the point system. Very simply, when you are the dealer, or your partner is the dealer you have a huge advantage over your opponents. You have one guaranteed trump and the dealer gets to through away one of her worst cards. This power alone is worth almost 1 whole trick.

In fact, in a computer simulation of 10,000 euchre games, the dealing team won 70% of the time.

All things being equal, the dealing team wins 70% of the time!

But why does seat 2 get a 10 point adjustment when the dealer only gets a 5 point adjustment? Simple. If the dealer’s partner has passed, that means she probably doesn’t have much of a hand. By following this system, she would either have less than 2 trump or less than 11 points. Despite the advantages of dealing, this is quite a handicap for your team to overcome.

While you don't really need to understand how the point system works to use it, some readers might be interested. Tomorrow, we'll look at that.

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