Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tips for Dealer bidding

Euchre QOD: “There’s no prize for passing.”

Euchre Haiku
It may not be much
But even off-aces fear
Beat by the trump nine

Euchre Palaver
“Next” – Refers to the suit that is the same color as the up-turned card. It is a common strategy to order up “next” from seat 1 in the second round of bidding. This makes sense because it’s likely that the dealer does not have a bower of that color.

Savvy Strategies
SEAT 4: Ordering as the dealer

Being in the dealer seat is one of the best spots to be. You still need a pretty strong hand to order it up because your partner passed and she probably won’t be much help. But you get to toss away a loser card for a trump card. This is a nice advantage. A mathematically sound strategy would be to order up whenever you have 16 card points or more.

Note that when figuring out the card point value of your hand from this seat you are supposed to count the points that you would get by picking up the trump card. For example, suppose you have the following…

Before the trump card is turned up, this hand is worth the following.

  1. Spades is trump = 11 points
  2. Clubs is trump = 12 points
  3. Hearts is trump = 1 point
  4. Diamonds is trump = 13 points

Then when the trump card comes up…

As dealer, you can pick this card up in your hand. Thus, your hand would really be worth 16 points, making it a biddable hand. Go ahead and bid because passing is not winning euchre.

In the second round of bidding your advantage has all but evaporated. Your stuck with your cards so if you have to order up something, figure out which suit gives you the highest number of card points.

Notable In the Euchre Universe:

I don’t know what the prize money is and it probably won’t be broadcast on ESPN, but here is your chance to become the “Greatest Euchre Player” in the world. Check out the World Series of Euchre for 2006. Oooh, a $3000 prize pool!

If you have some time, check out the Euchre Science poll just posted.


ectonomo said...

During the 2nd round of bidding do you still add on 5 points to your count as the dealer? In other words, do you really only need 11 points to bid? 11 + 5?

Regards, ectonomo.

Perry said...

Yes. Your hand can be weaker because everyone else has passed indicating that they have weak hands (or they are trying to sandbag you).

Anonymous said...

how do u count the cards