Thursday, February 02, 2006

Seats aren't all the same

Euchre QOD: I’d rather be lucky than good.

While the 21 point rule will help you play winning euchre, it is generally too conservative. Unless you are lucky, you won’t get a lot of these hands and more aggressive opponents can take advantage of that.

The ordering requirements can be adjusted based on your seat position relative to the dealer. For the discussion consider the following seat numbering system.

Seat 1 : First one left of the dealer. This person has the first opportunity to bid and play.
Seat 2: Second from the dealer. Also the dealer’s partner.
Seat 3: Third from the dealer. The partner of seat 1.
Seat 4: The dealer.

Since I’m pressed for time, I’ll present my thoughts without comment.

Seat 1 & 3. No adjustments. Order up only on 21 points or more. (16 in second round).

Seat 2: Add 10 points to your total. So, if your hand is worth 12 points, add 10 to make a total of 22 points.

Seat 4 (dealer). Add 5 points to your total.

We’ll talk about why these adjustments are made tomorrow.

Good eukin’

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