Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ethics of euchre

Euchre QOD: I like my opponents much more when I’m winning.

League wrap-up: After squeaking out the first game 11-8, our opponents beat us the next game 9-11. In the third game, our opponents jumped out to a 0-4 lead by winning all the tricks, then setting me when I ordered up my partner on a Left-King of trump, and 2 off Aces in the power suits. They went on to win that game 4-10. We rallied back and beat them 10-4. This game featured a lay-down loner by my partner. 5 top trump, what luck. We breeze to match victory with a 10-5 win in the final game. It’s so nice to be back to our winning ways.

There were no glaring mistakes that I could think of but I did run into an ethical dilemma. The player next to me had this habit of not “vesting” his cards and it was quite easy for me to see most of them. On a few occasions I saw that he had a good hand in a suit that I didn’t have, so I just ordered up a suit where I had 2 trump and took a gamble. A few times we won but we were also euchred a couple of times. But I wonder….

Was I wrong to use the information about his hand in this way?

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