Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Euchre Strategy - A Beer and Euchre Brew

Euchre QOD: “Is the euchre universe finite?”

Euchre Haiku:
Cold beer and euchre
A pair like peaches and cream
Beer and winning, no

Euchre Palaver
“Euchre juice” – Beer.

Savvy Strategies
I have a brother-in-law who doesn’t drink alcohol. He is a fairly good euchre player but he gets a lot better after everyone else has had a bit too much euchre juice. So a simple strategy to winning euchre is to surround yourself with euchre players who like to drink. Winning is a lot easier when your opponents are making mistakes. My partner and I have used this to great advantage in our euchre league. We spend the entire night drinking seltzer water with a lime. We don’t necessarily tell our opponents that it’s a straight seltzer instead preferring to let them believe it is a Vodka Tonic or Gin Fizz. They are lulled into a false sense of security and we’re ready to swoop in a take the victory.

Euchre Travel
If you happen to be passing through southern Oregon, be sure to stop by Euchre Creek. I believe it is somehow connected with Euchre Falls so you can get them both done in one trip.

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