Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Euchre Accessories – Brought To You By Your Favorite Forest

We're trying something a little different here on the Euchre Universe today. An artisan tour through the euchre galaxy.

There’s something about euchre that brings the woodworkers out of the woodwork. Check out all of these wooden accessories you can get for your next euchre tournament. Nothing says euchre like a stylish piece of wood.

The Euchredoodledandy is the premiere wooden scorekeeper! They don’t get any better than this fine piece of hand sawed, white oak. At this site you can even get a nifty euchre bumper sticker and hear the first ever performance of the official song “I’m a euchredoodledandy”.

Euchre Block
The Euchre block is a two-inch maple block made by CrafteFamily. It has the various card suits engraved and painted on 4 sides and Euchre on the others. Never forget the trump suit again!

The folks over at Wishfullwoods have put together a host of wooden card-playing accessories. They have their own scorekeeper (The Euchre Tally), trump block and even a special wooden card holder for the young and card holding impaired. Check out the rest of their site for lots of other wooden card treasures.

The folks over at Details Art have gone all the way creating a wooden euchre set that is a combination scorekeeper, trump maker and deck of cards holder all in one. This would be great for playing euchre around the campfire. But don’t sit too close, this baby is all wood!

Euchre players of the world...Arride in arbor!

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