Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As if you needed another reason to play euchre

Euchre Lifestyle
If you ever decide to visit a nudist colony, you’ll be happy to know that you can still enjoy a Wednesday or Friday night game of euchre. The next time you’re in …. Check out the Cyprus Cove nudist resort and spa. Located just 40 minutes out side of Orlando.

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Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

I showed my wife the nudist website where they have the euchre games twice a week (and my second favorite game; eightball), and much to my surprise, she asked me if I wanted to take her there next year for vacation. She likes to play euchre once in a while (not a raging euchreholic like myself though), and she enjoys eightball (except against me), but mainly, she would like to bask in the sun without getting tan-lines.
I'm there dude (insert Butthead laugh here)! That place sounds like heaven to me!