Thursday, November 30, 2006

Euchre playoff update - Round and out

Bleah! Losing sucks. Sure, we can chalk this one up to supremely bad cards, but it's a loss just the same. As a good pal of mine from college used to say, I'd rather be lucky than good. That is now the official motto of Euchre Universe.

Here's how it went down. We got matched up with the same team we beat on the first night. This was unfortunate because after our team, they were the most skilled team remaining. Worse yet, they didn't make any obvious mistakes and got some great cards.

In the first game, we traded points until the score was 3-3. Then our opponent calls a loner. She had Right, Left, Ace of trump (diamonds) and the Ace and Queen of spades. Neither my partner or I had enough trump or even 2 spades. That put the score 3-7 and we never recovered. Stupid loners.

In the second game we started out alright. Scored our own loner to go ahead 4-1. But on the very next hand, they ordered a loner and made it to make the score 4-5. And it was an unstopable loner no matter how we played it. Next, it was my deal and I tried for a loner. It was foiled on the last trick when the Ace of clubs covered my King of clubs. Blast! Score 5-5.

Next they euchred us when my partner made a Next call with Left, Ace, Queen and two hearts. She led the Left which was covered by the Right. A heart came back and the opponents won it. Then the Ace of diamonds was led was led from the person who was to the right of my partner and we were sunk. The left hand opponent had the King of trump and was short in diamonds. Every play possible by my partner would've led to a euchre. And that's what happend. Score 5-7.

They made it to the barn and we scored a couple more points when we euchred them. 7-9. On the last hand, the opponents were dealing and the Jack of Diamonds comes up. My partner passes. I'm sitting third seat and I look down at 9 diamonds, 10,9 clubs, 10 spades, 9 hearts. Just out of spite I ordered it up. We got euchred in glorious fashion. (The dealer had both bowers and the Ace of trump).

The match, playoffs, and season were all over on that hand. Blasted cards! Like I said before, in euchre and in life...

I'd rather be lucky than good.


Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate luck in the playoffs. There's always next year though, right?

Perry said...

Yeah, always next season. Which happens to start in mid-January.