Thursday, December 28, 2006

Euchre gambits - A brand new method of cheating at euchre

This article about a chess player being banned for using electronic equipment to cheat gives you something new to watch for at the euchre table. According to the article the player was wearing a hat in which he stitched a Bluetooth headphone. His confederates (that's what hustlers call their accomplices) would work out the best move on a computer and relay back to him what he sould do. Ingenious. And it would've worked if not for a random check. Sucker. Now he's been banned for 10 years from competitive chess.

So, how might a euchre player use this con? Simple. He wears a set of headphones like he's a bigtime poker player or he's expecting an important phone call, non-euchre related of course. His confederate stands behind the Left hand opponent and peeks at her cards. He then relays important information about the opponent's hand so our cheat will know what to order.

Prevent it!

1. Don't fall for the old "headphone in the ear" trick. Require your opponent's ears to be unobstructed. No hats either!

2. Don't let anyone see your cards. Hold your cards as if every eye in the place is trying to see what you have. Look at your cards, memorize your euchre hand them using these tips, and put them down.

It is hard enough to win at euchre without having to overcome cheaters. As you play in those New Year's Euchre Tournaments, watch yourself out there.


Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

Although this ploy could happen, the speed of the game of euchre makes lengthy transmissions nearly impossible. Anybody who stalls too long/too often is charged for a renege and ejected on a second incident in my game. Euchre tournaments generally have a respected time-frame period that is accepted for a player to pass, bid, or play a card. It's a judgement call, but common-sense applies.
I think that I would be more worried about the over-the-shoulder kibitzer (as you mentioned) who signals the player he is colluding with as to the contents of your hand.
Very good point about cuffing your hand by the way. Don't let anyone see what you've got, ever. AMEN!

Perry said...

Good point Harv. This might be tough to do in a tournament but in Chicago bar leagues, it could work. Although, there are probably much easier ways to signal.