Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Euchre Trickery - Completing the cut

Euchre Quote

Make 'em respect ya.

Euchre Haiku

Take hold of the cards
Split and move half to the side
Complete to annoy

Euchre Gambitry

Here's a little euchre gambit that will drive card playing purists nuts. The next time you're offered a cut, make sure you complete the cut. That is, cut the deck as normal but then immediately take the bottom portion and put it on top of the cut half.

This bothers good card players because it is a breach of common card etiquette. Every good card player knows that you are not supposed to complete the cut. It's proper to cut the deck in half and let the dealer complete the cut. When you do it, you demonstrate a lack of sophistication. And you'll generally find that "good" euchre players hate playing against (or with) unsophisticated players almost as much as they hate losing.

And as we've seen in other euchre gambits, making your opponent hate playing with you is one of the best ways to win the game.

Euchre on the Internet

If you haven't made it over to Euchre Science in a while, check it out. It's one of the best places you'll find to discuss euchre theories.


Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

If a guy completes their own cut that I offered, on my next deal, I either don't offer the cut to them anymore, or, if they complain, I offer the cut (mid- air), then recut the deck myself after they are finished completing it and begin dealing as though nothing happened.
When people try to jerk my chain at euchre, I will give it back to them much worse. They might not ever get a fair deal from me again if they keep trying to get under my skin.

Perry said...

I like your style Harv. I'll have to try that technique next time I run into one of these characters.