Thursday, February 22, 2007

Euchre Quiz even Poker Players could Pass

Hey Euchre Universe faithful. Check out this euchre quiz and see if you can score 25 of 25 points. Really, that should not be a problem. There were a couple of answers that don't seem perfectly correct but they are close enough. It's a great review of the basic rules and terminology.


gblue42 said...

I got 24. I missed the one about winning with more than 10 and I'm pretty sure I disagree. If I go alone with 7 points, our ending score is 11 in every online euchre game I've played. There was an earlier question where the correct answer was 4 points for a loner. I don't think the answer was "4 points unless you already have 7 or more points." Was it?

Perry said...

That's the only one I got wrong too. The league where I play, you can score up to 13 points but you only need 10 to win.

There was also the question about who leads. It's not always the person left of the dealer. For example, if 3rd seat goes alone than the person 2nd from the dealer leads.

But they basically got everything right. (Natty would dispute the terms 'kitty' and 'bidding').

Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

Here's the one that got me;
"16. The theory in which some euchre players use to determine what kind of cards the other players have is called what?"
I would call it intuition myself. I forgot that in some parts "next" is refered to as "Hoyle." Not a well phrased question in my opinion.

Perry said...

Good point Harv. I didn't much like the Hoyle terminology either. Guess they were just trying to fill up the quiz. Maybe I'll create my own euchre quiz.