Sunday, April 15, 2007

Euchre on vacation

The Euchre Universe is on vacation (caribbean cruise) and won't be able to update until April 23. Meanwhile, we'll be honing our skills by introducing and pounding these east coast dandies in our favorite card game...euchre.

He's now off working to become the world's most famous cosmetic chemist.


Craig said...

This is one heck of a long vacation.

hullcorey said...

Hey maybe you can help me, I organize a small euchre league in Indiana and regularly we have a problem were we do not have 12 people show up on a night. I have heard there is a website that allows you to generate your own tournament style scorecards just by putting in the number of players. But i have not found this mysterious site yet. Do you know of it?

Perry said...

Yeah, I'll be coming back after the holidays!

Hullcorey, check out the link on my website for the euchre scorecard. They have a system for handling your problem.

If not, you might want to post the question to the Euchre Science group on Yahoo!

Perry said...


Try this piece of software link.

Good luck.

GenesisCEO said...

hi~ i new here, you site are cool and nice, i will come back soon to see what new

Bradley said...

Nice site... question unrelated to the blog... my friend and I are expert Euchre players (both from the midwest and life long players). We have a dispute on one specific strategy around protecting your left bower against the other ream. My arguement is... if you are protecting your left bower then you are guaranteed at least one trick 100% of the time if you play the hand correctly... which means holding your protector until the right is played or you can absolutely take it with your left.

His whole arguement is that even if you play it the way I describe then there is a very small chance that you cannot get a trick... I believe that it is bulletproof... is there any situation where a protector is played correctly and still the defending team does not get a trick??? I hope this is described correctly... my personal email is I look forward to the responses.

Andy said...

I just found this blog, and I love it. I read through a bunch of the posts, and I really liked your point system for ordering. Is there a point adjustment for being 2-suited? I see a big difference between having 16 points 2-suited compared to 16 points 4-suited.

darrin said...

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Anonymous said...

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Thomas said...

It's going to work a vast vast majority of the time. The issue can be if trump is led and its not the right bower. For example, opponent to you right leads the queen of spades (trump) and you have the left bower and the king of spades. Whatever you play, if the opponent to your left has the right bower and the ace of spades, you can no longer guarantee yourself one. There are numerous examples of this and I believe they all involve trump being led that is not the right bower. It can also happen if your last two cards are the left bower and another trump and you are forced to trump.