Monday, June 26, 2006

Euchre strategy - Hand of the week 1

Well, I’m back from vacation and ready to start writing a bit more about euchre. When I started this blog at the beginning of the year I really didn’t think about how long I could make it last or more importantly, how much material I had. But if thousands of blogs about poker can be kept, couldn’t one blog about euchre be kept up? Well, I’ll keep trying.

Perhaps the format that I was following was too restrictive. Today, something new.

I’m going to deal out a random hand. And talk about how to play it.

Here’s the hand of the week…

K (Hearts)
10 (Diamonds)
J (Clubs)
J 10 (Spades)

Upcard is…

Q (Diamonds)

Questions to consider.
  1. How should this hand be ordered?

  2. How should this hand be played?

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the answers.


Kevin said...

Hmm...if the Queen were ordered up by anyone, I'd advise flipping the table and freaking out. Seems like you have a terrible hand.

In the case of the dealer, I suppose get rid of the Jack of Clubs and hope you can cut on a trick, and pray that your partner has something.

Perry said...

Yeah, it is a really bad hand if a red suit is trump