Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yahoo Euchre Science - A place for you euchre questions

While all things euchre can be found on the Euchre Universe, there are pockets of useful information at other spots on the web. We've mentioned other places like Euchrelinks.com, Natty Bumpo's site, and Euchre-There is no other Card Game. Today, I wanted to direct you to a great source of euchre talk created and moderated by Gerry Blue creator of the Euchre Laboratory.

Euchre Discussions

If you really want to find out what a bunch of euchre "experts" think about a particular euchre situation, go to Yahoo's Euchre Science group. Sure you have to sign up but it's painless and they won't send you a bunch of spam.

But when you're here, you'll find wide ranging opinions on all kinds of subjects like

Ordering Next
When to Order
Euchre Rules
Euchre Equipment
Euchre History
Online Euchre
Even Euchre Grammar

Really anything else about euchre you can ask here and you'll get someone's opinion. Before you ask, check through the 5 or 6 year's worth of archives. There's a huge amount of information here and you can learn a lot. Some of it is garbage but you'll find a few gems here and there.

So, if you've read through the entire Euchre Universe and you just want to get other people's perspective, check out Euchre Science today.

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William E Montgomery said...

I was playing euchre on facebook I was the dealer and the jack of hearts was turned up. I picked up the right bower of hearts and had the nine ten and queen of hearts and king of clubs after my discard. And of course I got euchred. The lady next to me had the last 3 remaining hearts and ace of clubs ten of clubs. Anyway after that my partner freaks out saying i never played echure before. Calling me everything in the book swearing at me.I didnt know how to play I cant stand these beginners etc. I cant really blame the lady because you dont normally order the right bower maybe if she had 4 trump or two aces, but not her particular hand. I think no matter how i played that she had me echured, I really dont understand my partners reaction he got super mad after i told him he was being rude. I get this alot on facebook but this guy was so vile I reported him on the game there is a link for such action. He used the f word about half dozen and a- hole so what else could i do?