Friday, April 06, 2007

Introducing New Euchre Software that can help you play better

The Euchre Universe is happy to announce the release of an exciting new piece of software. This program can significantly improve your euchre play. Go check out Fred Benjamin's Euchre Challenge and download a free trial version.

Having been one of the beta testers, I can attest that this software features some of the most challenging euchre bots that you'll encounter. Be careful because they don't always play in ways that are expected.

Of special note is the Euchre Simulator that allows you to input various euchre hands and have the computer automatically play out the hands. It keeps track of the results and lets you determine what the best strategies are of any given hand.

Be sure to get the companion euchre strategy book along with the software. We'll be doing a more thorough review of the book but it is full of excellent euchre knowledge.

And if you have thoughts about how to make the software better, feel free to post your opinion here or at Yahoo! Euchre Science.


Daymonster said...

I consider my self a very good euchre player, but I just wanted to see if my competition had been weak or I really do understand teh strategy.

I downloaded this program, and in the first two hands it made a mistake.

The hand was three non-trump cards down and the lead had it won, and I was last to play. I was short suited and so obviously i would lay trump down. But it told me I should lay my highest trump (king) when I had a 9 and a 10. What the F?

Definetly not worth the money.

Perry said...

Do you have the exact hand? I'd like to test it.

I too have found some errors with the software and the programmer wants to make it better.

Captain Euchre said...

Wow, great blog!

I'm going to put your link on my video blog.


JFalter said...

Hi Perry,

Couldn't find contact info for you on this or your joggler site.

I'm just trying to get word out about a piece of software that I wrote for hosting and managing euchre tournaments. It's an open source project on and completely free.

Since you have a euchre blog, I thought you might be interested to check it out. The URL is If you like it, I'd appreciate any press or linkage you might give it.


Perry said...


Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Cards Trainer is another intriguing piece of software. It's not as much of a simulator as it is a coach that can be used in real-time while playing with friends at a table. It would eliminate the need for more experienced players to teach beginners how to play and allow a group to just dive right in.

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