Thursday, August 31, 2006

Euchre book list

Euchre QOD: “Play with a plan”

Euchre Books
While we haven’t reviewed all of the following books here at the Euchre Universe, we thought we would make a list of the ones we will eventually review.

1. Columbus Book of Euchre – Bumppo, Natty. One of the best. See our book review.

2. The Complete Win at Euchre – Andrews, Joe.

3. Win at Euchre – Gallagher, Tom. A guy with another point system for hand evaluation.

4. Euchre the Grandpa Lou Way – Ellis, John.

5. Euchre for Dummies - Gameland Sports. Comes complete with a deck of cards.

We'll post more book reviews as we get the books and have a chance to read them. Someday we'll have enough in the Euchre Universe vault to actually purchase some of these.

Euchre Literature. Where is it mentioned?
"It came out of the night and invaded the room. George said, "Anybody like to play a little euchre?" "I'll play out a few with you," said Whit. They took places opposite each other at the table under the ..."

Of Mice and Men – Steinbeck, J. p. 46.

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TheEuchreMaster said...

I wrote a review on Joe Andrews' book at several months ago. Feel free to check it out; it's the second one from the top :)