Monday, August 07, 2006

Playing euchre with less than 4 players

One of the problems with euchre is that you need 4 players to play the game. Well, if your friends are lame and you can’t scare up enough to play a regular game of euchre, what are you going to do? Play computer euchre? Go online and play? Well, those are options, but here are some better, live-play options for playing euchre when you don’t have the “right” amount of people.

Options for playing euchre with a variety number of players.

One Player: Play euchre solitaire. I believe it is a Natty Bumpo invention. It works out pretty well and can even improve your euchre play.

Two Players: Play euchre for two as outlined by Joe Chellman. This is an interesting variation that requires you to win 7 of 12 tricks instead of the standard 3 of 5. A game is played to 31 and you get 12 points for euchring an opponent.

Three Players: Play Buck Euchre as described at Pagat. This is a bit different than regular euchre but you can add the extra incentive of gambling if you like.

Four Players: Play regular euchre of course.

Five Players: Play regular euchre with four and have the fifth player rub wrecking balm on everyone's tattoos to help remove the memories of foul euchre games of years gone by. Or that person could always try joggling.

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