Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A frustrating night

Last night was league night. We lost 2 games to 3. It was a bit frustrating as I was getting terrible cards, making some terrible plays, and so was my partner. Here was an example.

Early on in the game (score 2-4) my partner orders me up giving me the king of trump. That puts into my hand Left-King, off Ace (green), and 2 dud cards. I was three suited.

First trick: Opponent leads heart, my partner follows, trumped by RHO, I throw my ace.
Second trick: Opponent leads Ace of clubs. Everyone follows.
Third trick: Opponent leads hearts again. Instead of trumping like I should, I opt to throw off. LHO plays Ace of trump and my partner throws a heart. Euchre.

Terrible play.

I should've trumped in. Although, I still would've lost if I trumped in with the King instead of the Left. I just figured my partner to have a nice high trump and she did (right, nine)
but she never got a chance to play it.

We've got four victories going into the last week and I think our spot in the playoffs is assured. But I really would've liked to have won last night. We are better players than we showed last night.


Anonymous said...

something wrong! how can RHO lead heart when he trumped on a heart lead the first trick?

Perry said...

good point. Opponent led Diamonds the first trick

Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

Perhaps a rule of thumb is in order here...
When you or (especially) your partner are the makers and the opponents take two tricks early, you should trump any offsuit led through you as high as you can to regain the lead and to possibly avoid the euchre.
You can't make your partner's bid good by allowing yourself to be cross-ruffed before she can use the trump in her hand that warranted the call in the first place.

Perry said...

I like that rule! I will try to use it.