Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Saving yourself from a loner

Monday is euchre league night and my partner and I are doing pretty well. This is despite the fact that I've made significant changes in my euchre strategy without telling her what they are. She is a great euchre partner.

Anyway, there was a hand where our opponents went alone, and I had the following.

9 of clubs (trump)
K, 10 of spades
K of hearts
K of diamonds

The opponent was on my right so it was my turn to lead.

Trick 1: I lead the King of diamonds, partner follows with the Ace and my opponent trumps in.
Trick 2: He next leads the right bower and I play my 9 of trump. My partner plays the 10.
Trick 3: He next plays the left bower and now I have to decide I play the King of Hearts or the 10 of spade?

I played the King of Hearts and it worked out. My opponent next led the Ace of spades and then the Jack of spades which I took with my King to stop the loner sweep.

My reasoning for throwing away the King of Hearts was that I thought about how my opponent plays and what he might have gone alone with. He was a conservative player and rarely went alone. I figured he had a 2 suited hand with either 3 or 4 trump. If he had a 3 trump hand then I wanted to protect my King of Spades in the event that his other suit was spades. The King of Hearts is no good here unless he went alone with something like 4 trump and the Queen of Hearts. Fortunately, this wasn't the case.

Bottom line: When someone goes alone, keep your long suits long


Kevin said...

It seems to me that your best lead would have been the ten of spades. Your partner very likely has either the queen, drawing out the opponent's Ace, or better yet, your partner can cut on the trick.

Anonymous said...

I agree, lead a red king, save the double