Monday, October 09, 2006

World Series of Euchre Report - part 4

Tonight is league night again. Last week we won 2 games in a row with a stretch where my partner and I rattled off 21 points to the opponent's 0. That was quite a run. We've won 2 matches and lost one. We are in good shape to make a run come playoff time. But we really need to win 5 games to zip to move up the rankings signifcantly. Stay tuned.

Euchre Tour
Our final installment of the World Series of Euchre Report. Click on the appropriate number to find parts one, two and three.

Thanks so much to Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp from Euchre Links for a great report. And good luck next year Harv. Perhaps Euchre links and the Euchre Universe can team up and take the title.

Sunday, Sept. 17th:

After breakfast, I checked down at the tournament site. I was told that they hadn't finished all the games the night before, and that the WSOE wouldn't be over until at least 2pm. There was now a dilemma. Football started at 1pm.

You see, in Vegas, I work on Sundays, and I never get to see live football. Adding to that, my favorite team is from back east, and not available on regular television in Nevada. Plus, I live on the wrong side of the building to get satellite t.v. at home, so I can't even record my game and watch it later. Now, here I was in Lansing, MI trying to decide whether or not I should watch a euchre tournament that I had been eliminated from (granted, it is the big one), or go to a sports bar about a block away to watch my favorite football team. Easy choice; I watched football! Sorry euchreheads, but it's just not as much fun watching euchre when you aren't playing. However, I find that watching football is quite enjoyable, and never get tempted to go in and take a snap.

I couldn't honestly tell you who won it all, but Joe Andrews will be posting it soon at My congratulations to them! Mozeltoff!

Overall, I had a great time, and plan on returning again next year.

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