Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Euchre Gambitry - More on euchre tells

Last week’s post on euchre tells prompted a good deal of response from the euchre universe. Here are some additional tells you can use to help improve your overall euchre game.

11. Listen to an opponent’s table talk.
Sword_4_hire suggests that you listen for when an opponent says “I need you partner” or words similar to that. This usually means that they are weak and provides a good opportunity to lead trump. It is especially good to lead trump if the opponent in the second seat ordered it up.

12. Staring at your cards.
Sithlord78 says you should only look at your cards when you need to. You can pick up a lot of information from someone’s reaction to their cards when they are looking at them. If you are not looking at your own cards it not only prevents you from giving off information about your hand but it allows you to look at other people and see how they like their own hand.

13. Rearranging their cards.
Sithlord78 also reminds us of the advice that you shouldn’t rearrange your cards. Look for people who rearrange their cards. This will give you a great idea of the distribution of their suits. When rearranging, they will grab cards of the same suit and put them together. If you remember where there cards were when they rearranged them, you can find out how many of the different suits they started with when they play from that part of their hand. I use this kind of information all the time.

14. Taking a long time to order.
Baliddle writes that you can sometimes get information about a player’s hand during the ordering process. If they take a long time to decide to order, their hand usually has some weakness. Against most players this is in the off-suits. In these situations you can feel more confident leading your off-suit aces.

15. Hesitation during play
Joeelf points out that some players will hesitate during the playing round. In this particular case it meant that the guy was holding the guarded left bower. This allowed the next player to finesse a lower trump and make the point.

Since euchre is a game that relies heavily on luck, tells are an important extra piece of information that can help you win more often. Learn to look for these and your game will improve immensely.

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