Monday, July 03, 2006

Euchre on television

While I’m not a fan and have never watched the show, it appears that the Fox TV show 24 is produced by some euchre enthusiasts. Consider the following facts.

1. The lead character is named Jack Bauer. – Certainly a reference to euchre n’est pas?
2. The standard euchre deck contains 24 cards – Convenient coincidence.
3. The show involves suspense, intrigue, and high-stakes international terrorist plots – exactly the same as most euchre games.

Wow! This is eerie.


Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

Although I don't watch a lot of television myself, I still wonder why a couple of sitcoms in particular do not exhibit any euchre in their scripts.
The first one is "The Drew Carey" Show. The characters live in Cleveland, OH, drink beer daily, and although many other facets of their lifestyles imitate those of frequent euchre players, they play no euchre.
The other show I wonder about is "That 70's Show". These teens, hanging out in a Pointe Place, Wisconson basement, smoke pot, drink beer, and do a number of things to eliminate the dulldrum of mid-west living, except play euchre.
I've found that I lived mostly similiar lifestyles to those in the t.v. set on those shows, except for one big thing; euchre was there, bigtime.
When I was a teen, and even in my early twenties, I lived in euchre teritory (Buffalo, NY), and it was simply a part of life to play euchre. Everybody that I ever came across up there has found themselves in a euchre game at one time or another. It's just part of life there. How shows like those mentioned above, could have carried on as long as they did, without ever coming across a game of euchre is beyond me.

Perry said...

That's a great point Harv. Come to think of it, I don't remember them playing euchre on another old 70's show, Happy Days (it was Milwaukee for chissake).