Monday, July 10, 2006

Euchre Lifestyle - Euchre Longevity

Euchre QOD: “A decision delayed is a decision not made”

Euchre Haiku

Play cards all your life
And your health may be as good
As a lifelong jock

Euchre Lifestyle:
You want to live longer? Forget about physical fitness. Scientists have discovered that productive activities like playing cards are as effective as fitness activities in lowering the chance of death in older people. While joggling takes up my non-euchre playing time, I think this will definitely be good news for most die-hard euchre players.

Euchre Obits
Sadly, the euchre universe is short one more euchre enthusiast. This poor kid had an infectious love of euchre but was done in by the waters of Lake Michigan.

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