Thursday, July 20, 2006

Euchre variations - When the regular game gets dull

Alright Euchre Universe faithful. I haven’t done a post on alternative euchre games in a while so I thought I throw out some now. I found this article about different euchre variations that you might find interesting. I’ll recap the most interesting ones here.

1. Black Only. A Player May Only Bid Spades Or Clubs As A Suit.
Clubs has always been my favorite suit.

2. Blood Before Death. All red cards (Blood) must be played from your hand before any black cards (Death) are played, with the exception of being forced to "follow suit".
This one would work well on Halloween

3. Handcuffed. Only the 1st & 4th (Dealer) seats may call trump. They may also choose to go "Alone". The 2nd and 3rd seats (1st seat & Dealer's partners) are "Handcuffed" and may not call trump nor choose "Alone". The 2nd & 3rd seats only have the option of "Pass". This rule rotates with each hand.
This might be more interesting if the handcuff was on the 1st and 4th seats. Ordering from 2nd and 3rd seat is harder.

4. Haters. Any Suit May Be Called As Trump Other Than Hearts.
A fun one to play on Valentine’s day.

5. Red / Black Suicide
If the UP Card is RED (Diamonds/Heart) the DEALING TEAM MUST Take up,
If the UP Card is BLACK (Spades/Clubs) the NON-Dealing TEAM MUST Order it up.
This would be hard to defend.

6. Solitaire. One pard from each team MUST bid/defend alone in every hand, You are allowed to pass and pick trump, but you must go alone. Basically, this is a one-on-one game.
It is a bit like playing two-handed euchre.

They had a bunch of other variations but these were the ones I found most interesting. Anyone out there in the Euchre Universe have favorite variations?


WiggleButt said...

Oh you missed "Blind Euchre." You play this without looking at your cards. It becomes a game of pure chance and you'll find it hilarious when a 9 or 10 wins the trick!

Perry said...

That's a great idea.

It inspired another "blind" idea. In this case you decide whether to order up or not BEFORE you flip over the upcard.

Incidentally, Spiderman is my favorite. And let's not forget the Flash.