Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Euchre Playing Strategy Entries

We've written many posts about how you should play your cards. Here is a good starting point for learning everything that's been written in the Euchre Universe.

The Fine Art of Finessing – What to lead
Double green lead – A classic strategy
Sitting in the drop – Positioning your play
Another leading tip – What to lead
What to do when you're long – Leading with a long suit
When you can't win a trick – Signaling with cards
The lone ace lead – What to play on your partner
Snakey strategies – The squeeze play
Shake your tail feather – When you should lead trump
Go big or go home – What card should you play?
What should you dump? – The art of the discard
How ruff is euchre? – The art of ruffing
Lead a loser – To make your point
Lead up to leading – General leading tips

Defending Against a Bower Upcard
When should you bag? – How to euchre an opponent
Alone again, naturally – Defending a loner
Loner defense resolved – Stopping a loner part 2


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