Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Euchre Strategy - Sitting in the drop

Euchre QOD: “There’s no better place than sitting in the drop.”

Euchre Haiku:
Watch for the next card
In the drop there’s real power
Your options abound

Euchre Palaver
“Sitting in the Drop” – This is a game situation in which you are the last person who has to play a card. At the first trick, the dealer is always sitting in the drop. After that, it is whoever is to the right of the player who won the last trick.

Euchre on the Web
Found these euchre tips from the card expert Joe Andrews. Some interesting scenarios and even a 5 question quiz. Andrews does good work. You will note that he is also the author of one of the books in our affiliates program The Complete Win At Euchre. I have 2 of Andrews’ books but this is not one of them. His writing style is a little stiff for my tastes but he has good information. The first illustrative hand is good but I don’t completely agree with the play in the second hand. I would follow the Lose Early strategy and let the first trick go dumping the Queen of Diamonds. You are sitting in the drop and are in a great position for the next trick.

Universal Notes:
I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas today and will not return until Monday. I’ll try to post some entries from the road but you never know. Stay tuned and keep on eukin’

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