Friday, April 14, 2006

Euchre experience - Light fair for a Friday

Euchre QOD:  “Turn down a bower, lose for an hour”

Euchre Haiku:
Friday afternoons
Baseball, sunshine and euchre
It gets no better

Euchre Palaver
“Crossing the Creek” – To order up trump after the first round in the same color suit as the one turned down.  Same thing as calling next.  The opposite of going “green”.  

Euchre on the Web
Would you look at that, someone made an instructional movie of euchre.  Looks like it’s for kids and uses (gasp!) 32 cards!  No one uses 32 cards to play euchre!!  We’re going to have to commission a Euchre Universe instructional video.  Stay tuned.

Some interesting euchre superstitions.  Does anyone out there in the euchre universe have any to share?  Leave a comment.

Hey you Americans, don’t forget to file your taxes.  Actually, file an extension, it’s a much better strategy.  

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