Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Euchre Hands - Stop in the name of love

Euchre QOD: “That’s not a hand, it’s a foot.”

Euchre Haiku:
Two jacks in your hand
The rest of the cards are blanks.
You can stop a march

Euchre Palaver
“Euchre” – Not just the name of the card game, it means to prevent your opponents from making. It occurs when your team wins at least 3 tricks after the opponents have ordered up trump. When it happens you get 2 points.

Savvy Strategies
There are some hands in euchre that are useful in certain circumstances and have thus earned their own classification. Today, we look at a classic hand called the stopper hand.

Stopper hand – A stopper hand is one in which you can stop a march in any suit called trump. A pure stopper hand is one which contains one card in every suit and two Jacks of different colors. Under these circumstances you would have a winner in every suit. In two suits you have the top bower. And in the other two suits you have the second highest bower protected. The other key element to a stopper hand is that you have no good 3 trump suit. For example, the following hand…

Jack (Hearts)
Jack (Spade)
Ten (Diamonds)
Nine (Diamonds)
Nine (Clubs)

…is a classic stopper hand. With this hand and correct play, you should be able to win one trick in any suit named trump. Note: If the cards are laid out in an unfortunate manner, it is possible that you don’t win a trick with this hand.

When your hand is too strong, it no longer becomes a stopper hand because it is a bidding hand. For example…

Jack (Hearts)
Jack (Spades)
Ace (Diamonds)
King (Diamonds)
Nine (Clubs)

…is a bidding hand. Here you can make diamonds trump and have a pretty good chance of making your point. And if your opponents happen to order up diamonds, you’ve got a pretty good chance of euchring them, making this become a “euchre hand”. But we’ll save the discussion of this type of hand for tomorrow.

Euchre on the Web
More euchre t-shirt love! Seriously, I’ve got to make a Euchre Universe t-shirt. Actually, you know what would make a cool euchre shirt is the logo used over at Euchre Links. Perhaps Harv could put one together for the euchre faithful.


Harvey "the Rabbit" Lapp said...

Thanks Perry. I'd love to use my logo for t-shirts. The only problem is, I used the Grateful Dead's "Steal 'ya Face" logo for the original and then replaced the lightening bolt with my favorite euchre hand, so instead of "deadheads" we now have "euchreheads". I wonder if it can be registered as a trademark?

Kevin said...

I was gonna correct you on the "sure trick", but you caught yourself. Sometimes the cards just don't cmoe down the right way, and cutting with the lower or higher trump looks like a good idea...

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