Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Euchre Strategies - Hand of the week

Euchre QOD: “Play like a parasite”

Euchre Haiku:
A loner assured
Played right the game is over
Played wrong you suffer

Euchre Palaver
“Stay home” – this is what you do when your partner opts to go alone. Used in context it would go something like this. “I’m going alone partner so you can just stay home”.

Hand of the week
Remaining positive

Consider the following situation…

The score is 0 – 0. You are sitting in the first seat and are dealt the following hand.

The turned up card is the 9 of clubs. You tell your partner to stay home opting (as you should) to go alone.

First Trick: You properly lead with the Right Bower. The player on your left plays the 10 of clubs and the player on your right plays the 9 of clubs.

Second Trick: You next play the Left Bower. The player on your left plays the 10 of hearts and the other player plays the Queen of clubs.

You’ve already gotten 2 tricks and are well on your way to a march. What should you lead next?

Third Trick???

We’ll talk about the answer tomorrow.


Super Euchre (10x fast) said...

-(i am assuming that you are ordering up the player on your right).
if im not missing anything, then for the third hand it does not matter what card you play.
-first off if player number 2 has the ace of clubs left, it has been promoted to the highest trump card so it is no longer beatable and there is nothing you can do. (equavalent to going alone and an opponent having the right bower).
- also the ace is the only trump card left in either opponents' hands, so leading the ace of hearts or 9 of clubs will win against any other card besides the ace of clubs.

Anonymous said...

You play the Ace of Hearts.
The player on your left is out of trump.
The player on your right may have the Ace of Clubs.
If the player on your right does not have a heart, they will use the Ace of Clubs to trump allwoing your king to become the power card.

If you play the King of Clubs the player on your right could trump with Ace, taking the lead. The player on your right having no hearts could lead to your euchre.

Lester Oliver said...

how do you play this hand Jack of Hearts Jack of Diamonds King of Hearts 8 of Hearts King of Diamonds ordered up 10 of hearts to opposition went alone and got euchred Hand of opposition i put 10 of Hearts into also had Ace of Hearts Queen of Hearts 9 of Hearts Ace of Diamonds Lead was a club I put my king of hearts to have it trumped by ace if i had played one of my bowers would i still have got euchred

Perry said...

@Lester - sometimes the way the hands are laid out you will get euchred even while holding a great hand. The hand you describe will win >95% of the time so keep ordering. You just got unlucky.

Incidentally, what form of euchre do you play? We don't use the 8's when we play. Only cards A-9.