Thursday, April 27, 2006

Euchre Strategy - When should you bag?

Euchre QOD: “Bag your tricks.”

Euchre Haiku:
You’ve got some strong cards
Your opponent orders up
It’s time for a set

Euchre Palaver
“Set hand” – (Euchre hand) A hand that has a high potential for setting, or euchring, an opponent who orders the right suit as trump. Unlike a stopper hand, a set hand is usually only good in one or two suits. However, the ultimate set hand is one in which you have 4 jacks and an Ace. This one could set in almost any suit.

Savvy Strategies
While there are not a lot of good opportunities to bag there are times when it’s worth it to take the chance. Here are some tips for the times you could be a bagger.

1. You’re in the first seat and you have two bowers in the same colored suit as the up-card. This is a great hand to have. If your opponents order up trump, they are really in trouble. If everyone passes, then you can bid in the next suit and have a great chance of making your point. I love this hand and you should too.

2. You have 8 points and the opponents have less than 6. When you have a weak hand (15 card points or less) but you have a couple of Aces or trump, you might think of ordering up. But with a hand like that and your score at 8, you should pass. Your opponents might try to bid a weak hand and you can euchre them to make game.

3. You are playing wildly aggressive opponents. They’re out there, opponents that will order up on anything. They’d rather lose by being euchred than lose by being passive. And you’d rather they lose that way too. So if you come up against an opponent like that and you have a weak but biddable hand, just pass and let the maverick hang themselves. Two points are better than one.

On the whole, bagging is a losing strategy. However, it can be profitable under certain circumstances and should be a part of every advanced euchre player’s bag of tricks.

Euchre on the Web
Did you know a horse name Euchre ran in the 2000 Breeder’s Cup? A 30 to 1 shot that didn’t finish in the money. I wonder where ol’ Euchre is today…

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