Friday, April 07, 2006

Handling the cards

Euchre QOD: “Flashy is fazing”

Euchre Haiku:
Pick up the pasteboards
Shuffle with dexterity
Your foes will notice

Euchre Palaver
“Paste boards” – Another name for playing cards.

Savvy Strategies
Since euchre is a game with a large element of luck, you will need to find other ways than just solid card playing to win more often. One of the best ways is to intimidate your opponents with flashy card handling. When come foes see good card manipulators they just assume that they are good card players. This gives them a natural edge that can be useful during the match. Here is a list of a few card handling skills that you should know to become an expert euchre engineer.

1. Shuffle cards like a pro. Are you still fumbling around with a deck of cards? Do you shy away from the pack when it’s your turn to shuffle? STOP! Learn how to shuffle. It’s not that hard but it does take a little practice. The most common form is the Riffle Shuffle. But there’s the Overhand, the Hindu, the Weave…I could go on. Tim Ryerson put together this handy tutorial. Unfortunately, he is a southpaw so you’ll have to translate it if you’re right handed.

2. Cut the cards. My number one rule of life…Put your faith in providence but always cut the deck. Do it in euchre especially. It’s way too easy to cull cards as discussed previously. When you cut the cards using the standard method, take half the pile and set it towards the dealer. Watch carefully that the cards are replaced in the proper manner. That is, the cards that are the bottom half should be put on the top half. Here are some flashy, one-handed cuts. Of course, they don’t really work for euchre because you have to pick the deck up off the table and this is frowned on. But in a friendly game, feel free to show your skills. There is a way to do a one handed cut without lifting the cards off the table. I’ll describe how at another time.

3. Vest your cards. Keep your cards hidden at all times. Don’t spread them out wide so the world can see them. Spread them thinly in your hands and peak at what you have. If you can memorize them and not look at them while you play all the better. No need to give your opponents any extra information. It’s easy to accidentally peer at your opponent’s cards even if you don’t necessarily want to.

There are more but time is a tyrant and I can save material for a later entry.

Euchre Lit
“He taught me euchre, and after dividing London between us, I taking the northern side and he the southern, we played for parish points.” The War Of The Worlds by Wells, H.G.

Euchre on the Web
Newt’s playing cards sell a euchre set that looks interesting enough. Although, I have no problems just using a regular deck. I post the site because of the other interesting decks they have including left-handed decks and personalized ones.


Kevin said...

I've been practicing shuffling all day...I think I'm even worse than when I started. I cannot for the life of me do the bridge after a riffle, and I'm not good with the riffle in mid-air yet.

Perry said...

It takes a while to get good. I once practiced a card move for 2 weeks straight until I finally got good at it.