Thursday, May 11, 2006

Euchre Ordering Strategies

Much has been written on the Euchre Universe about when you should bid. Here is a complete list of everything we've said about how and when to order up.

The Point System of Ordering
Points is points – The point system of ordering
When to order it up
The point system in action
Seats aren't all the same
More about your seat – Adjusting the point system
More on points – When to order it up
A little more on ordering – How to order
Tips for Dealer ordering – What to do when you’re the dealer
Seat 3 ordering strategies
The power of seat 2 – Ordering from seat 2
Ordering from seat 1
When Jack is an Up-card – How to handle this on offense
Stop in the name of love – The stopper hand
Assisting your partner – Ordering from seat 2
The weak lady and her pips – Ordering weak
Cutting loose in euchre – The break even theory
Paying Al – The donation strategy
Jean jean the green machine – When to order next
Ordering against tight players – Adjusting how you order

Ordering Alone
Liberal Loner versus the Conservatives
Hand of the week – How to play this loner
Saving your point alone – Don’t get euchred if you don’t have to
The lonely euchre player – When to go alone


Anonymous said...

We are new to Chicago area (Cheeseheads). How do we find euchre leagues or tournament info?

Perry said...

You can find euchre leagues in Chicago through Bar 1 events.

They are well-run and quite fun.

Unknown said...

Wow, lots of links, thanks a lot!

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